Is it time for household algorithms? 

Welcome to  In this first post I explore the role of software algorithms to help us better manage our day-to-day household.  You are probably wondering what do algorithms and households have in common?

Since 2013, i’ve been experimenting with family data science – or the process of drawing deeper understanding and insights to help my wife and daughters grow, stay healthy and be happy.  I am not (yet) one of those obsessed quantified-self data geeks nor do I buy into the fitness tracker fads either.  I also have no intentions of replacing intuition and the good ol’ role of parenting with smart bots to guide your loved ones towards doing the right thing.  Rather, I am just a curious dad who is convinced that a little 21st century IT along with a stream of the right data and analytics can help reinstate a healthy dose of household conscientiousness in between the joy, pressures and chaos of everyday family life.

You are probably still wondering what the heck algorithms and households have to do with one another.   Aren’t algorithms those sophisticated software bots used by Wall Street and insurance companies to make money and manage risk?   Yes they are, but if algorithms can help busy moms and dads grow and improve their families, why shouldn’t they have place in the day-to-day household too?

I invite you to join me on this new journey where we explore opportunities, challenges and real solutions that can help you succeed with family data science in your household too.