meI am a husband, father of three girls, and busy expat living in Rome, Italy.  I would be happy to connect with you on twitter or linkedin.

My wife and I moved from USA to Rome, Italy in April 2009.   Following our marriage in 2010, and the birth of two of our three daughters in 2011 and 2013, we found ourselves increasingly unable to organize and plan everyday family life the way we wanted to.

Family life was full of joy and chaos at the same time.  We wanted to become better partners, parents and individuals.  To do this we needed a way to become more conscious and aware to things that mattered in our life, and less consumed by things that didn’t.

In 2013, I started applying my IT background to collect household-related data that could help uncover deeper insights regarding my family’s growth, health, and happiness.   Along the way I built and discovered a few tools that are helping me do just that.   This blog allows me to connect with like-minded folks and share this unique approach to family data science so it may benefit you and your family as well.

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