My Data Principles

In my still early journey practicing family data science, I’ve come to understand a few key areas where data can help a lot, and also other areas where data won’t help any.

First, it doesn’t really make sense to try and quantify creative endeavors, for example – hours spent at dance class. At the end of the day, passion and motivation will determine how much of these activities my family engages in (and how often!)

The same applies to long-term plans – I don’t believe  i will quantify my way towards achieving the big moonshots / BHAGs in life.  I do believe theses types of goals should be articulated, and maybe even journaled in the process of attaining them, but that’s about it from a quantification standpoint.

Instead, I think it is better to measure those things where I am confident that conformance to a set standard or level can help determine personal growth, health and/or happiness.  Examples of this include tracking sleep, nutrition, health or cash flow.

Author: Sergio

Since 2013, I have been experimenting with family data science – or the process of drawing deeper understanding and insights to help my wife and daughters grow, stay healthy and be happy. I am just a curious dad who is convinced that a little 21st century IT along with a stream of the right data and analytics can help reinstate a healthy dose of household conscientiousness in between the joy, pressures and chaos of everyday family life.

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