Sharing account passwords with the rest of the family

Consider the unfortunate event where I am hit by a bus, or a more common one where I am on a business trip without internet access to complete an urgent bank transaction.   How could I ensure that my wife or daughters (when they are older) can easily access and administer the accounts I depend on?

I have 47 of these accounts covering personal email accounts, bank accounts, student loan accounts, Dropbox, social media accounts and a host of other websites.  They also include accounts to manage my family’s digital records including marriage certificates, birth certificates, passport, national identity cards and much more.

I want to ensure that my family has instant access to these accounts without needing me to provide the login credentials.   I also want to enable my wife and daughters to share their account information with rest of the family if they choose to do so.

If you are also facing this problem then take a look at the recently announced 1Password family edition.



Author: Sergio

Since 2013, I have been experimenting with family data science – or the process of drawing deeper understanding and insights to help my wife and daughters grow, stay healthy and be happy. I am just a curious dad who is convinced that a little 21st century IT along with a stream of the right data and analytics can help reinstate a healthy dose of household conscientiousness in between the joy, pressures and chaos of everyday family life.

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